It’s All Useless

My small group is starting to go through the book of Ecclesiastes. As I start to glance at it, my encourager’s spirit is a bit put off. I am reading the headings of the chapters as, “Everything is Meaningless”, “The Futility of Wisdom”, or “The Futility of Pleasure”.

I have a friend that echo’s a lot of what Solomon is talking about in these first few chapters. The “it’s all useless” mentality.

Have you ever thought that?

I have.

Though I do have an extremely optimistic point of view, since becoming a Christ follower, I do have those days where I just want to throw up my hands and say, “REALLY, God?! Why __________??” Fill in the blank with whatever works in the moment…

What Solomon is really doing is showing, that regardless of what happens here on earth, it will be gone as soon as we are. The generations that follow us will have no idea who I am, or what I said or did. The house I had, the grades my kids received, whether or not I married, what kind of car I had…NONE of it matters in the long run.

What does matter?

The legacy we leave with our actions.

If I am kind to someone, that can change the direction of their day.

If I teach someone something new, they can go on to share that knowledge.

If I learn something new, I have allowed someone in to my life to teach me something that will impact me AND I have given someone else the opportunity to share their knowledge.

If I do the little acts of kindness we see all over the internet.

There are so many things we can do each day, both big and small that can have lasting impact. We all know of the stories all over the web of a couple kind words CHANGING lives.

Whose life are you willing to impact this week?

Whose life could you change with your words or actions?

Are you willing to do something? Even if you don’t see the reward for it?


I will make it a goal this week to challenge a couple of my “it’s all useless” friends to try and find the meaning in the little moments and take action.

Take action by reading their Bible and asking God to direct their steps to someone that could use a lift in their day. I pray that at some point, when I need a lift, the acts of kindness of one – will effect so many – that I will then receive it when I need it.

What I learned today…I need to stop striving for more or better “stuff” and try and be a better person to those God has put around me.

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