I had the BEST meeting yesterday.

Phase 1 –

Our pastor lit a fire under our staff, reminding everyone that we NEED to be connected with God. Nothing is more important than our relationship with Jesus. (Can I get an AMEN?!)

If ministry is keeping you too busy…so busy you don’t have time with God, STOP YOUR MINISTRY.

Personally, I am a completely ordinary and broken woman. I am selfish and prideful. I am whiney and weak. If I am not talking to AND listening to God daily (usually LOTS-O-TIMES during the day), I – Julie – will be coming out in my ministry, not Jesus. That is NO BUENO.

Now I know it might be different for others, who work outside of the church. And you can excuse it with how you can’t talk about God at work, you talk to Him before work or after work, knowing the Bible won’t logically help you at YOUR job.

That is WRONG.

God actually wrote – “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.” Colossians 3:23-24

That was written for people working EVERYWHERE! It was even written for those working IN the home. No excuses!

Think of what it would be like, if more of us – wherever we are, are reading the Bible to learn more about how God wants us to live…and then being a LIVING testimony to those around us. At all times! Before, during and after anything we are doing!

Having people watch how YOU are behaving in good and bad situations – You being that example someone needs to influence them to start their own relationship with Jesus. That is powerful. That can forward the kingdom. Just by your actions!

Go to church! You will not only learn what the Bible says, but you will learn to get along with others. How? When you really belong to a church, you realize it is truly a family. The good that bad and the crazy. AND you can grow in learning how to deal with it all more than you could ever imagine.

And it’s worth it.

Phase 2 –

Walking out of the meeting I saw a co-worker I hadn’t seen in a while.

Now let me first say, I LOVE that God has given me a gift of seeing how beautifully people were built. But with that comes the burden of seeing when people are doing something they are NOT built for as well. That part is no fun.

When I saw this guy, I immediately remembered the last time I had seen him as he was getting comfortable in a new position. At that time, I had seen clearly that it was a temporary position for him. Something he COULD do, but not necessarily what he SHOULD be doing.

I asked how his new position was treating him, (a NewER position than the last time) and his response was AWESOME. His eyes automatically lit up and he said he loves it. When I probed a bit, he said he knew the position would be opening and he might be asked about it. It wasn’t anything he had ever thought of, but went to God with it and asked if that was the direction he should step in. God said YES.

As he was talking, he became more and more animated and excited, then proceeded to bring out his phone and started excitedly showing pictures of all they are doing.

It was AWESOME! By being obedient to God by going in to a position that he wasn’t built for, and stewarding it well, God was then able to open a position that was a perfect match.

Are you in a position you are not built for? Do the BEST YOU CAN as if working for the Lord, not man…as HE does have better for you.

And my prayer for you is for you to find that job that makes you excited to wake up and go to work. That is the perfect fit for you. I pray that you don’t waste time where you are at now. That you use this time to learn as much as you can to prepare you for the next step.

If you never get to that next step, I pray that when you appear before God, He has the biggest smile on his face and says, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” and you get the HUGE reward that is promised for your hard work.

What I learned today…Stay connected to God through the Bible, Church services, small group and prayer. That way HE comes out in my work and life. AND keep in mind who I really work for. That He has my best interest at heart and I just need to be the best ME I can be in any situation He puts me in.

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