Good and Bad Day

So I absolutely do NOT feel like writing today. However, I can’t give up on day 7.

It was a fairly difficult day physically as I have had to work through some pain, a good friend was in a 6 hour surgery on his heart and I learned that I have been a slacker mama.

It was a good day as my friend came out of surgery with flying colors, I was crazy blessed to lead a monthly meeting with some pretty fantastic leaders and I had an eye opening discussion with one of my boys.

That seems to happen. Hopefully you have seen the movie Inside Out by now. It beautifully walks through how, usually, it’s not all sad or all happy, but a mixture.

The goal is to do the best we can as we learn through this crazy life.

Today I learned…I may not like to do things, but for others, I need to put my feelings aside and learn to just be there.

I learned…to really stop and enjoy where God has me. I was in a room with 36 people who I can honestly say I admire, and I was allowed to lead them. And I’m allowed to do it every month! It just slays me and I pray that God gives me the wisdom  and discernment I need to steward it well.

I learned…even though I have teenagers that pull away, I need to keep pushing in. My kids are some of the most remarkable PEOPLE  I have ever met. I can’t forget I am their MOM for the rest of their lives. It is my job to push, pull and wear them out with questions and love. To show them how much I care and WANT to know them as they grow.

Praying, if you read this far, that God can show you what He wanted YOU to learn today. That you think about it, process it, learn from it and that you ask Him to help you be a better YOU tomorrow.


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