1) Don’t whine about a problem to others unless you can also suggest solutions.
2) We need to touch people more. Many people aren’t hugged as they live isolated. A hand on the shoulder, two hand shake, hug, etc…
3) If you get frustrated by some of the people around you, look for the people who you can admire, they’ll be there too…just quieter.
4) If you want something, ask.
5) Small minds think a like. Challenge each other, and respect the differences.
6) If you are a leader, lead.
7) We influence others everyday. Pay attention to how you present yourself.
8) Don’t work overtime on being different. You were born unique. The only YOU ever. Own that.
9) Never stop learning, in love and life.
10) Show grace. No one can live up to your expectations.
11) Your kids will mirror you. Act how you’d like them to turn out.
12) If you are over 35yrs old, you should never again be called “The Drunk One”. There is so much more to do in the world. Stop trying to find fun and purpose in a bottle.
13) Have family? Be thankful. Have kids? Be thankful. Have a husband/wife? Be thankful. Healthy? Be thankful. Have change in your pocket? Be thankful. A Home? Be thankful.
Stop concentrating on what you don’t have and enjoy what you do.
14) Raise the bar. Those around you will reach for it.
15) Don’t be jealous of those who have skills you don’t. Hangout with them. They’ll enjoy the skills you bring to the table too.
16) Have tough conversations after praying about it and getting good counsel. Be bold and compassionate. Now.
17) Set a goal. Make it big.
18) Help people. Everyone needs some.
19) Listen. The people around you have stories that need to be heard.
20) Don’t let the Bible intimidate you. Pick it up and read it. Ask someone for help. All the answers you need are in it. If I hadn’t started the journey by taking the first step in a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus, I wouldn’t know the Hope, Peace and Love that comes with it.

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