Why I am Misreable on Video

Okay…if I am truly keeping it real, I will now vent on how miserable it is when I am invited to be on video.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to point people to Jesus and remind them to do their best to live Biblically. The problem is being on video or recorded…

If you look at the pictures above, you will see I don’t hide my feelings very well. As I study, grow and learn from others, I recognize that I am not a polished speaker. I am authentic, but I have to practice looking in the mirror with my faces.

For example…all of the pictures above. Let me tell you what is going through my mind in a lot of them…(disclaimer, if you were an attendee for any of them, I apologize for the look in to my noggin. I am broken, but working on it).

20 Things I Think About When I Teach

  1. I hope I am not boring.
  2. I just pointed that person out…I hope they don’t get angry.
  3. Did he/she REALLY just say that?
  4. Man, that is Biblical. Now my brain is drifting to a whole teaching that could come off of that statement!
  5. Oh, Wait. I was supposed to be listening.
  6. Man, they are so put together. Should I change the way I’m sitting? Hold my hands different?
  7. Why does one eye keep blinking slower than the other. I can feel it.
  8. Holy Spirit PLEASE help them hear that it’s about Jesus.
  9. Oh, NO! I just saw the monitor! When did I get that FAT!
  10. Should I throw my shoe at the guy on the phone? Would that be rude?
  11. Jesus, bless that person. I know they are truly practicing what they preach.
  12. God, thank you for stopping that last comment from coming out of my brain in an inappropriate way.
  13. Why does it always look like I have “resting ‘wench'” face? I don’t want to have a lame smile and bobble head, but it looks like I smell something foul?
  14. WOW. I talk with my hands a LOT.
  15. I turn beet red when I want to respond with something and know I can’t.
  16. I am going to mention a sore subject I am sick of people whining about.
  17. Lord, let me not be fired for saying this.
  18. I ABSOLUTELY love these people!
  19. Lord, I am so out of my element.
  20. God, I hope someone got something from this. I am so thankful you bless me more than I deserve.

What I learned today…practice, practice, practice.

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