Pruning not Punishment



Let’s think about something today. Do we think what God is doing or letting happen in our lives mean He is punishing us for something? It is much easier to think that way, right? We call out to Him, Why, God? Why me? What did I do to deserve this?

If you are feeling this way, write it down. It is absolutely the best thing you can do in these circumstances. It enables us to go back during the tough times and see how God used them as times of “pruning” not of punishment. Sometimes He has to cut things in our lives way back, to the point of pain, so we can flourish in an even bigger way.

There is an exercise that I have done in that I’d LOVE for you to do at home sometime. Trace your hand…now on each of the fingers write a time in your life where it has been HARD….a time where you were so sad or alone, it was tough for you… it could be ANYTHING. Now, make lines showing how God changed you through those things. How did you grow? If you still haven’t let go of one of the hurts, why not? What is holding you back? God was with us in all those hard times, as he still is. Think of seeing life through a peep-hole in your front door. You can kind of see, but it’s not really clear. God can see the WHOLE picture…we can only see a tiny fuzzy little bit. Trust in Him EVEN THROUGH THE PRUNING.

What I learned today…This is a great exercise I need to do throughout my life as a reminder that God is with me. He is not punishing me, He is preparing me for the next leg of the journey.

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